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Table of Contents

At the top of every page, there is a Table of Contents link. Clicking this will take you to the table of contents:

To expand a chapter to see its sub-chapters, just click on it:

Sub-chapter pages

Selecting a sub-chapter title will take you to its sub-chapter page.

Note: At the top of most pages (both sub-chapter and figure pages) there is a line of "breadcrumb navigation" to show you where you are in the book, and to allow you to return along your path to previous pages:
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To go from the sub-chapter page to the figure page, click on any figure in the sub-chapter's content.

Figure Pages

On the Figure page, you will find a map or other figure related to the content in the sub-chapter. By default, the figure has its trace layer turned on, and the points are active.

To see the information related to the labels, you can either move your mouse over one of the points in the figure:

or you can mouseover the label text in the right-hand column:

There are a couple of different views of the figure that are available:

Click to view larger

Select the figure view you prefer using these options.

Trace on, dots off

Trace off, dots on

Trace off, dots off

You can also view the image's metadata, if available:

Some images have a high-resolution zipped TIFF version available. To download this high-resolution version, click Download high-resolution copy.


There is a glossary of unfamiliar terms available from any page. Simply click Glossary in the top navigation area.

Referring to this online textbook

When referring to Manitoba from the Air: A Geographical Interpretation, please use the following attribution:

Welsted, J. (2008). Manitoba from the air: A geographical interpretation. Retrieved from .