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Manitoba from the Air
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Napinka, located southeast of the Souris River 1 in southwestern Manitoba, is slightly larger than settlements shown in figures 8.1 to 8.6, but has essentially the same layout. The CP line 2 is close to the edge of the photo, with the shadows of an elevator 3 and rail trucks located on a siding 4 just visible. A road is parallel to the railway line[i] on the northwest side 5 with the main street 6—slightly wider than others—at right angles to it. Other roads are parallel, and at right angles, to these. Large buildings include the school 7 and the curling rink 8.[ii] In addition to the railway line, PR 452 approaches the settlement from the south 9 and exits to the west 10. A gravel pit 11 is located near where the road crosses the Souris and probably provided materials for its construction.

The Souris meanders across the area with one clearly defined abandoned meander 12 and one abandoned stretch of river 13. A small dam can be seen at 14. Most of the area has been cleared for agriculture, but woodland borders the river 15 as well as a small tributary creek 16.


[i] In most Manitoba settlements of this type there is a “railway road,” sometimes two, named “north railway road” and “south railway road”.

[ii] The curling rink is one of the last pieces of infrastructure lost to rural depopulation. In one extreme case at Scarth, eight miles south of Virden, the curling rink was the only building left in 1996 and was still in existence and used in 2007.

Figure 8.7