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Manitoba from the Air
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The Location of Shilo


Shilo is different from settlements shown previously in that it is relatively new, and its principal function is as a military base for troops training at CFB Shilo that covers a large part of the Assiniboine Delta. This high-level image shows the general setting of the community and its relationship to others in the area. The Assiniboine River 1, incised into the Assiniboine Delta, cuts across the southwest corner of the image. In the south the east bank 2 has retreated eastward as a result of spring sapping, and one abandoned meander 3 can be seen. The surface of Assiniboine Delta is flat and bounded in the north by Douglas Marsh 4, a former course of a distributary of the Assiniboine River. The marsh is well known in birding circles for its sightings, or to be more correct hearings, of the Yellow Rail. North of the marsh is ground moraine 5.

Route ways that can be seen are Highway 1 6—the Trans-Canada Highway—and PR 457 7 and PR 340 8 from Brandon to Shilo. The CP line 9 swings north of the marsh and through Douglas 10 and Chater 11 and on to Brandon. Two CN lines 12 and 13 cross the south, converging on Brandon whose city limits extend as far east as the dashed line 14. The city’s sewage lagoons 15 and an industrial site 16 are visible, and in the north is a disused triangular airport 17.

The boundary between townships 10 and 11—the third correction line—runs through this area with a correction of about 0.75 mile (1.2 km) 18. Shilo is located in part in range 16 WI—the military part 19 that is in the RM of South Cypress—and in part—the residential part 20—in range 17 WI in Cornwallis. Southwest of town are the sewage lagoons 21 with a pipe leading to them from Shilo and on to the Assiniboine River 22.


Figure 8.65

The Location of Shilo