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Manitoba from the Air
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The Town of Roblin (population 1,672 in 2006) is located southwest of Duck Mountain, just north of a group of lakes—Roblin Lakes 1. The road pattern is partly in harmony with the railway line—the central part of the town—and partly in harmony with the DLS—the southwest 2 and northeast 3. The latter areas are probably newer and include bays 4 and a curved road that runs between two of the lakes 5.

The CN line 6 passes between two of the lakes and continues in a north-northwest direction through the town 7 before curving to a northwest direction 8. Elevators 9 can be seen on the part of the line that runs in a north-northwest direction. The town’s main road 10 is at right angles to the railway line. Cars can be seen parked obliquely on this road 11 that is wider than other roads. Also many large buildings are located along it 12 and on side roads at right angles to it 13. Roblin is at the intersection of north/south PTH 83 14 and east/west PTH 5 15 which almost bisects the town.

Various individual items can be identified: a recreational area 16 which includes a running track 17 and a curling rink 18; three schools 19; a hospital 20; and a seniors complex 21 and a motel 22. A trailer court—a common feature on the fringes of Manitoba towns—can be seen in the northwest 23.


Figure 8.63