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Manitoba from the Air
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The Location of Morden

This small-scale image shows the Town of Morden 1 (population 6,571 in 2006) located near the western edge of the Lake Agassiz Plain. West and south of the town are several sets of north-northwest/east-southeast trending strandlines 2. Drainage is generally from west to east by Thornhill Creek 3 in the north and Deadhorse Creek 4 flowing through Morden in the centre. The latter has been dammed to create Minnewasta Lake 5 that supplies Morden with water and is also used for recreation.

This is an intensively farmed area with only limited woodland—dark-toned—along creek courses 6. Sections of the DLS system are clearly visible 7. They are often divided into many fields, sometimes with north/south tree shelterbelts 8. The area lies partly in township 2 and partly in township 3. The first correction line runs along the northern edge of township 2, but here the correction is only about 850 feet (254 m) 9 compared with 5280 feet (1609 m) on figure 8.52.

The main transport routes are the east/west CN line 10 that runs through Morden. In the eastern part of town it runs almost exactly east/west but changes direction both east 11 and west 12 of town. PTH 3 13 runs through the centre of Morden, and a faint light-toned line 14 is the route of a buried pipeline. PR 432 15 is the only important north/south route.


Figure 8.54

The Location of Morden