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Manitoba from the Air
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Russell (population 1,428 in 2006) is located in an area of ground moraine topography with many sloughs, some of which have dried up 1. It is situated between the Assiniboine Valley to the west and the western end of Riding Mountain National Park to the east. Conjuring Creek 2, an east bank tributary of the Assiniboine, flows westward across the northern part of the photo.

Russell is another example of a settlement with transport routes skirting it and not influencing its road plan. The CP line 3 runs west of town with two elevators 4 on a siding. North of the town it intersects the CN line 5 which cuts through the northeastern part of the settlement. The CN line has a turning siding 6 and an elevator 7 located just inside the builtup area. PTH 45 and PTH 83 8 skirt the southern edge with 83 leading north 9 and 16 10—The Yellowhead Route—leading west. Only one road 11 that parallels the CN line is influenced by these route ways. All other roads follow the standard grid pattern which harmonizes with the surrounding DLS system.

The main street runs north/south 12 with several large buildings, including the arena 13, located along it. Other items of infrastructure that can be identified are: a racetrack 14 with two schools 15 located north of it; a water tower 16—identified by its shadow; and a trailer park 17. North of town are several long buildings characteristic of a poultry farm 18, and, as usual, the cemetery is located well out of town to the north 19.

Note the information in the bottom left-hand corner of the photo. Air photo A19493-116 is the first photo in line 28 flown from west to east and including photos A19493-116 to 145. The line was flown on May 11, 1969 at an altitude of 9,820 feet above sea level, using a camera with a focal length of 152.47 mm.

Russell is a prosperous rural centre that has gained importance from its location on the increasingly popular Yellowhead Route across western Canada. It also has the advantage of being less than 20 miles (32 km) from Asessippi Provincial Park on Lake of the Prairies, a popular summer holiday location for boating and fishing, and the location of a relatively new ski resort in the Shell Valley.

Figure 8.38