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Manitoba from the Air
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Erickson in 2000

This large-scale colour photo of Erickson reveals several additions and changes to the town since the photo in 8.33 was obtained (1964).

1)     The route of the CN railway line to the west of town can still be seen 1 although it is no longer in use. The elevators visible on figure 8.33 have gone.

2)     The wide main road 2 is more easily picked out on this photo as are large buildings 3—probably stores—on either side of it.

3)     The long narrow building on figure 8.33 (no. 9—identified as a rink) has disappeared and is replaced by a wider building 4 with a car park 5 where the old school used to be (number 10 on figure 8.33).

4)     South of town is a new T-shaped building 6, a hospital.

5)     The school in the north (number 11 on figure 8.33) has had a new wing added to it 7.

6)     Two large buildings have been added in the north 8.

7)     Further north is a racetrack 9 which appears disused; it has an outdoor hockey rink beside it 10.

8)     A new landing strip 11 is located east of PTH 10 12 on which three vehicles can be seen 13.


Figure 8.34

Erickson in 2000