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Manitoba from the Air
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The Town of Carberry (population 1,502 in 2006) is located in a relatively flat part of the Assiniboine Delta. The photo was taken soon after the snowmelt, so a lot of standing water can be seen 1 as can wash lines indicating where water used to be 2. The town is located above the Assiniboine Delta Aquifer that provides abundant good quality ground water for residential and industrial use.

The CP line runs generally east/west through the area 3 with the north/south CN line 4 intersecting it at right angles.[i] Elevators are located on both lines 5. Roads in the town run parallel to and at right angles to the railway lines with most of them north of the CP and west of the CN line and at an angle to the DLS grid system. PTH 5 6 bypasses the town to the east and provincial road 351 7 runs through the northern edge of town.

The scale of the photo is smaller than that of figure 8.18. Nonetheless, some items of the town’s infrastructure can be identified: a long building in the north is probably a rink 8, a cemetery is located northwest of town 9, a racing track is to the southwest 10,[ii] and sewage lagoons are to the east 11.

In the south is, or was, Carberry airfield 12 that has the characteristic triangular shape of small prairie airfields.[iii] The field is no longer in use for airplanes but the buildings 13, including some built after the airport was abandoned, are used for processing potatoes. The uniformly textured sandy soils around Carberry, coupled with the availability of ground water for irrigation, make the area ideal for potato growing. The RM of North Cypress, in which Carberry is located, has the greatest area of irrigated crops of any rural municipality in Manitoba. Irrigation acreage in the RM increased from 8,601 acres (3,482 hectares) in 1988 to 54,417 acres (22,031 hectares) in 2001.[iv]


[i] Carberry was supposed to be located at a different site, but was moved at the whim of the railway builders. For details see Tyman, J. L. By Section Township and Range (Second Printing). Brandon: Brandon University, 1995, 42-43.

[ii] Harness racing is a traditional summer pastime in small settlements in southern Manitoba.

[iii] This shape allows for landing and take-off in six different wind directions.

[iv] For details see Gaia Consulting 2001 Manitoba Irrigation Survey. Portage la Prairie: The Association of Irrigation in Manitoba, 2002, figure 2.

Figure 8.20