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Manitoba from the Air
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Killarney in 2000

This large-scale colour air photo demonstrates the superiority of colour compared with black and white in illustrating some aspects of the earth’s surface; for example, the concentration of commercial activities near the junction of a road paralleling the railway line and the main street at right angles to it is more apparent than in figure 8.18 1. Also the well-treed nature of the residential areas is very clear 2.

Although Killarney is not gaining population, several changes have occurred since 1967 (figure 8.18):

1)     There is more extensive house and cottage development on the south shore of the lake 3.

2)     A recreational area is now (in 2000) located at the southeast end of the lake; this includes a racetrack 4 and baseball diamond 5.

3)     Just to the northeast is a large new building, probably a hospital or a senior citizens home 6.

4)     In the east, just north of the railway line, commercial development has occurred; several buildings with many parked cars can be seen 7.

5)     One of the four elevators has gone, but three can still be identified on the basis of their shadow shape 8.

6)     Three long buildings are now located north of the railway line 9.

7)     A large elevator, probably one of the new concrete variety, is now located northwest of town 10.

8)     A trailer court is now located north of the lake in what was an open field 11.

Figure 8.19

Killarney in 2000