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Manitoba from the Air
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The town of Killarney is an agricultural centre in southern Manitoba, located on ground moraine topography, north of Killarney Lake 1. In some respects it is similar to Rivers (figure 8.17) in that most of the built-up area is located on one side of the railway line, in this case the south. The CN line 2 crosses the area from west-northwest to east-southeast. Killarney’s function as an agricultural centre is reflected in the fact that four elevators 3 were located on the line at the date the photo was taken. Roads run parallel to and at right angles to the line with one of the latter somewhat wider than the others 4. This is the main street along which several large buildings 5—stores and administrative buildings—are located. Main Street and the railway line form the T-shape characteristic of many prairie towns. Only in the south are roads influenced by the DLS system 6, and a few roads follow the lake outline 7. PTH 18 8 bypasses the town to the east.

The large scale of the photo makes it possible to identify individual buildings. Two large buildings, one near the centre of town 9 and one in the west 10, are probably schools, and the large round-topped building east of Main Street is the arena 11.

Killarney is a relatively prosperous agricultural center. It decreased in size from 2,366 in 1976 to 2,208 in 1996. It showed a modest increase to 2,221 in 2001 but dropped to 2,199 in 2006.


Figure 8.18