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Manitoba from the Air
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Long Lots at St. Malo

The St. Malo settlement was surveyed into long lots in the 1880s. In this high-level, small-scale air photo the long lots based on the Rat River 1 are visible. They are more noticeable southwest of the river 2 where a secondary road sub-parallel to the river 3 has houses located along it in a linear settlement 4. The settlement of St. Malo 5 is located along this road with secondary roads running back from it parallel to the long lots. PTH 59 6 bypasses St. Malo en route to Winnipeg further north. Northeast of the river most of the land is wooded (dark-toned) 7 so that long lots are not so obvious. The grid pattern of the DLS completely surrounds the long lot area, the boundary between the two being indicated by the dashed line 8. The grid is most noticeable in the west where most of the land is agricultural. In contrast the east is woodland or marsh.

A dam producing a reservoir 9 that is now the basis of St. Malo Provincial Park, blocks the Rat River. Campsites can be seen north of the reservoir 10. The dam constructed by the PFRA also functions as flood control mechanism and for water supply.

The western half of the photo contains a number of faint linear features. The Canadian Pacific Railway line 11 runs through the small settlements of Arnaud 12 and Dufrost 13. Just to the east near Dufrost is a faint north-northeast/south-southwest trending line 14. This is the route of a gas pipeline; it continues south along section lines but cannot be seen as a separate item when this happens 15. West of the CP line are two angular lines 16; these are drainage channels that eventually join the Marsh River off the photo to the west. Finally, a discontinuous faint line with a north-northwest/south-southeast trend 17 is a Lake Agassiz strandline.

Figure 7.6

Long Lots at St. Malo