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Manitoba from the Air
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Correction Line Between Townships 18 and 19 Southeast of McCreary

This area is located in ranges 12, 13 and 14 WI in the Interlake where much of the land is agriculturally marginal. A lot of woodland 1, scrub 2, marshland 3, and a partially dried up lake 4Pockett Lake—can be seen. Few of the road allowances are used for gravel roads, making it difficult to identify the correction line. However, by tracing the township line between townships 18 and 19 5 west from the eastern edge of the photo, it can be seen that the north/south section lines do not coincide north and south of the township line; this is because of the correction which here is about 0.3 miles (0.5 km) 6.

This area has been recently—geologically speaking—uncovered by the eastward retreat of Lake Manitoba, leaving a general north-northwest/south-southeast alignment of landforms. Linear features of note are the CN line 7 from Glenella 8 (which, however, has a road system aligned with the DLS system) through Glencairn 9 to McCreary, which is off the photo to the northwest. Roughly parallel is a drainage ditch 10 that empties into Big Grass River 11 in the southeast. PR 261 12 runs east/west across the south.


Figure 7.16

Correction Line Between Townships 18 and 19 Southeast of McCreary