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Manitoba from the Air
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Broadleaf Deciduous Forest in Turtle Mountain

Areas of broadleaf deciduous forest are limited in Manitoba, the best examples being in Turtle Mountain—shown here—and the Brandon Hills. “These are quite unlike the broadleaf deciduous forests in eastern Canada, being dominated by aspen (Populus tremuloides) and bur oak (Quercus macrocarpa)”.[i]

Figure 5.1 is a high-level, small-scale photo of the western part of Turtle Mountain that straddles the Canada/U.S.A. border. A thick layer of hummocky moraine that supports a deciduous tree cover blankets the surface. At the time the photo was taken, the trees bore green leaves that result in a dark-grey tone 1 with mottled texture. Numerous lakes occupy depressions in the moraine; some are large enough to be named on the 1:250,000 map of the area: Lake Metigoshe 2, Dromore Lake 3, Partridge Lake 4, Sharpe Lake 5, Nellie Lake 6, Gordon Lake 7, Cauldwell Lake 8, and Rebecca Lake 9. The lakes vary in tone from dark-grey—Lake Metigoshe, to almost white—Cauldwell Lake, resulting from the specular reflection effect.

On the Canadian side of the border little forest has been cleared for agriculture within Turtle Mountain and a large segment has been designated as Turtle Mountain Provincial Park, the northern boundary of which can be picked out on the basis of land use 10—forested in the park to the south and cleared for agriculture to the north. The international border 11 can also be picked out on the basis of the same land use variation—mainly forested in Canada with more agricultural clearing in the U.S.A.

In Canada sections of the DLS system are clearly seen 12 with gravel roads along some section lines 13. PR 450 follows section lines in the north but diverges westward 14 to avoid Sharpe Lake in the south.


[i] Scott, G. A. J. “Manitoba’s Ecoclimate Regions” in The Geography of Manitoba: Its Land Its Prople eds. J. Welsted, J. Everitt, and C. Stadel. Winnipeg: The University of Manitoba Press, 1996, 46.

Figure 5.1

Broadleaf Deciduous Forest in Turtle Mountain