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Manitoba from the Air
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Lake Strandlines and Spit on The Pas Moraine, South of Westray


This photograph covers an area just north of that shown in figure 3.73. The main part of The Pas moraine is located to the northeast 1. A series of Lake Agassiz strandlines appear as minor elevations 2 with slightly different vegetation than their surrounds. The waters of the lake that was in the southwest shaped a hooked spit 3 in the centre of the photo. Extending southward from the lakeward end of the spit 4 is an area of string bog 5 in which water is dark grey 6 and strings of vegetation running across the gentle slope appear in lighter tones 7. A roughly circular lake 8—partly unfilled—is located southeast of the string bog. PTH 10 9, light-toned, cuts across the northeast corner; two dark-toned vehicles 10 can be seen on the road. A cut line 11 leads south-southwest from the road; it is light-toned where it cuts across the strandlines and the spit 12 but dark-toned where it cuts across the less well-drained marshy land to the south 13. A trail 14 leads west along the spit. This area lies within the mixed woods (coniferous/deciduous) vegetation zone[i]. Coniferous trees can be identified on the basis of their triangular shadow shape best seen in a clearing in the northwest 15.



[i] Scott, op. cit., 1996, figure 4.2, 45.

Figure 3.74

Lake Strandlines and Spit on The Pas Moraine, South of Westray