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Lake Agassiz Strandlines Southwest of Ashville

This area is part of the lowland between Riding Mountain to the south and Duck Mountain to the north. Lake Agassiz strandlines, which run along the Riding Mountain and Duck Mountain escarpments, bend westward into the lowland. On this photo a small segment of the Campbell Beach followed by PTH 10 can be seen in the northeast 1. Another group of strandlines can be seen in the centre and south of the photo 2; in the south they swirl around an area of higher land 3 which must have been an island when they were formed. The group has a sharply defined northeastern edge 4 and to the west and south, individual strandlines are identified on the basis of land use differences 5 or variation in tone in the agricultural fields 6. Drainage in the area is generally from west to east: Wilson Creek 7 drains eastward to Dauphin Lake (off the photo to the east) and is joined from the south by an intermittent stream, Mineral Creek 8. In the northwest are two other intermittent streams (9 and 10).

Most of the area has been cleared for agriculture, but some dark-toned patches of trees remain, even on what appears to be flat, good agricultural land 11 as well as in the area of the strandlines 12 and along stream channels 13. Section lines of the DLS system are clear; they determine the direction followed by roads in the area. PTH 5 14 crosses the area following section lines except where it crosses Wilson Creek 15. PTH 10 16 branches off to the north, passing through the hamlet of Ashville 17 after which it follows the Campbell Beach. The east/west trending CN line 18 also passes through Ashville. Further south a broad light-toned line 19 indicates the route followed by an above surface power line; a little further north a very thin light-toned line 20 represents the route followed by an underground pipeline.


Figure 3.71

Lake Agassiz Strandlines Southwest of Ashville