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Incised Meanders on the Souris River Near Wawanesa

Below the Souris elbow of capture (Figure 3.41), the Souris River cuts through the Tiger Hills and then across a flat area underlain by lacustrine sediments. Here the Souris has incised its channel through the lacustrine sediments and glacial till and into the underlying shale bedrock. The incision is probably associated with the river capture that was responsible for the elbow of capture. After capture occurred the river was not only flowing to a lower local base level—the Assiniboine just off the photo to the north—it also had an increased volume.

In the photo the incised meanders have eroded steep cliffs on the concave side 1 and have left behind gentle slip-off slopes on the convex side 2. North of Wawanesa one incised meander has been abandoned 3, and the river has since cut down between 25 feet (7.6 m) and 50 feet (15.2 m). Smaller bends on the river superimposed on to the meanders are typified by sand deposition—light-toned—on the inside 4. The Tiger Hills in the south are formed of hummocky end moraine with many small lakes in depressions 5. In the southwest the hills are still wooded (dark-toned), but in the southeast they have been cleared for agriculture. The steep sides of the Souris Valley are wooded 6, but the flat land to the north and south is excellent farmland.

The land is subdivided according to the DLS system. This area lies in townships 6 and 7; a correction line occurs along the north edge of township 6 7. The village of Wawanesa 8 lies within one of the Souris meanders and was, when the photo was taken, the focus of transport routes in the area. The CN railway line 9, long ago abandoned, passes through the village; PTH 2 10 runs east/west; PR 340 enters the village from the north 11; and PTH 18 runs southwards 12. A light-toned line can be seen in some fields 13; the light tone results from the disturbance of soil and surficial rocks when a pipeline was laid.


Figure 3.42

Incised Meanders on the Souris River Near Wawanesa