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Manitoba from the Air
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Part of the Red River Delta at the South End of Lake Winnipeg

This photograph is less complex than Figure 3.34, but the essential elements are the same. One of the north flowing Red’s distributaries, Salamonia channel, can be seen at the centre 1. It is joined by another distributary 2 that splits from the main channel of the Red, off the image to the east. In the north another distributary can be seen 3, and in the south another one 4 spills into Cochrane Lake 5. East of the large central channel are Passwa Lake 6 and Hughes Lake 7. The sediment-laden, light-toned channels run between levees 8, separating them from the lakes. The light tone of the levees suggests that they are not wooded, probably because of major fluctuations in water level along the channel sides. Several spillovers can be seen 9 as can a small area of marshy land 10.


Figure 3.37

Part of the Red River Delta at the South End of Lake Winnipeg