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Manitoba from the Air
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Slumping in the Souris Valley Below Wawanesa, 1981 photo

In the area of Wawanesa, the meandering Souris River has incised itself down through surficial glaciofluvial and glacial deposits into the underlying Cretaceous shales. These two photographs illustrate the value of sequential air photos (photos taken of the same area at different times) in documenting changes even in the case of relatively slow changes such as those caused by geomorphological processes.

1981 photo: This photo shows the course of the Souris 1 and a very clearly defined abandoned meander 2 still with some water in it but now well above the river level. Slumping has occurred on the south side of the river 3 since the 1945 photo was taken. The slump has a steep back wall 4 and an irregular main body 5 that causes a slight northward bulge of the river channel.


Figure 3.16.b

Slumping in the Souris Valley Below Wawanesa, 1981 photo