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Manitoba from the Air
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Incised Meanders and Slumping: Souris River at Wawanesa


Downstream from figure 3.13 the Souris River valley exhibits classic incised meanders. Here the river channel is over 100 feet (30.5 m) below the flat surrounding countryside that has been cleared for agriculture (1 and 2). As incision took place the river continued to erode laterally, leaving behind scars (3 and 4) on the insides of bends and steep cliffs 5, 6 and 7 on the outsides. The river is incised into glaciolacustrine deposits overlying till which in turn overlies the Cretaceous shales that in the field can be seen at the bases of the river cliffs. Erosion has resulted in a large slumped mass 8 that deflects the river course. Slumping continues particularly where a monument to the explorer/cartographer Thompson is now located well down the valley side several metres below the point at which it was erected 9. This 1945 photograph shows a road at the top of the cliff (between 10 and 11); now much of it has disappeared over the cliff top. Talus of fallen material causes a minor deflection in the river’s course 12. A small south bank tributary has produced a gully 13, and nearby clearing for agriculture has resulted in rain splash erosion of the gully side producing white patches 14.

Figure 3.15

Incised Meanders and Slumping: Souris River at Wawanesa