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Manitoba from the Air
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Topographic Influence on Route Ways South of Shellmouth

The photograph shows the south-flowing Assiniboine 1 in the west, joined by Thunder Creek 2 from the north. The Assiniboine occupies a steep-sided 3 flat-floored 4 spillway, whereas Thunder Creek has eroded a v-shaped valley 5.

A long-abandoned railway line ran from Endcliffe 6 in the southeast to Shellmouth (off the photo to the north). A direct route would have run directly northwest from Endcliffe, but there is a large northward loop 7 probably to avoid crossing the valley of Thunder Creek at its deepest; even so a substantial embankment 8 was needed to cross the valley. Note also the route followed by a secondary road in the south that angles down the valley side of Thunder Creek 9.

Figure 18.5

Topographic Influence on Route Ways South of Shellmouth