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Manitoba from the Air
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Rail Yards at Rivers

In the heyday of the railway era in southern Manitoba, the larger settlements had a complex of sidings and sorting yards. This old (1948) photo shows the situation at Rivers 1. The CN line 2 enters from the south crossing the west-flowing Little Saskatchewan River 3 on a high bridge that throws a prominent shadow to the east 4. A complex of sidings 5 is seen on the south side of town. Numerous trucks 6 can be identified, and in the east is a round house 7, which was used for sorting and reorganizing trucks. A large grain elevator 8 throws a prominent shadow northwards. A spur line 9 (abandoned at the time of the photo) ran into a gravel pit 10 excavated into glacial outwash deposits 11 that display a characteristic fluted surface appearance.

PTH 25 12 crosses the Little Saskatchewan River and then runs along the southern edge of town 13. The large building north of the road is the town’s arena 14. To the east of it is the wide main street 15, and east of that PR 250 runs north out of town 16.

Since the photo was taken, a dam has been built across the Little Saskatchewan River near the eastern edge of the photo area 17. The resulting Lake Wahtopanah floods the valley to the east.


Figure 18.13

Rail Yards at Rivers