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Manitoba from the Air
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The Red River Valley Near Emerson

The photo shows part of the Red River Valley on either side of the Canada/U.S. border 1 drained by the northward-flowing Red River 2. The only other drainage channels identifiable are Riviere aux Marais 3, a left bank tributary of the Red and Main Drain 4 that enters the Roseau River (off the photo to the north), a right bank Red tributary.

The town of Emerson 5 (population of 689 in 2006) is located just north of the international border with West Lynn to its west 6, and Pembina 7 just to the south of the border. Letellier 8 is located near the northern edge of the photo.

Several transport routes follow the Red River Valley. The main road is PTH 75 9 which becomes #29 10 in the U.S.A. Two minor roads are located east 11 and west 12 of the Red River, and highway 200 runs northeast from Emerson 13 and then north 14 to Dominion City (off the photo). The only prominent east/west road is PR 201 15 which passes through Letellier.

Railway lines are also prominent: the CN line 16 parallels PTH 75 and then splits in the south, one branch running into the U.S.A. 17 and the other southeast into Emerson 18. The CP line runs east of the Red River 19. Three lines converge on Emerson from the northeast 20, southeast 21, and south 22.


Figure 16.46

The Red River Valley Near Emerson