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Manitoba from the Air
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Flooding in the Assiniboine Valley Near Shellmouth

This photo shows extensive spring flooding in the Assiniboine Valley. Here the Assiniboine River occupies a wide 0.5 miles (0.8 km) to 1.0 mile (1.6 km) flat-floored spillway. Once the river has overtopped its banks, there is little to stop water from spreading over the whole spillway floor. The normal channel of the south-flowing river 1 and some abandoned channels 2 can be identified with floodwater on both sides 3. Where the valley floor is wooded, treetops project above the floodwaters 4. The bridge 5 on PR 549 6 is intact, but the road has been breached by floodwater further west 7, with a sediment plume 8 extending downstream. A north/south gravel road is flooded in several places 9.

Also of note on this photo are gravel pits 10, one with a pile of processed gravel 11 excavated into Assiniboine River terraces; the former course of the CP railway line (long abandoned) 12; and the small hamlet of Shellmouth 13.


Figure 16.40

Flooding in the Assiniboine Valley Near Shellmouth