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Manitoba from the Air
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Gravel Pits and Chemical Plant in Eastern Brandon

This photograph of the extreme eastern part of Brandon is centred east of Figure 15.5; the square lagoon ((#6 on figure 15.5) is seen in the west 1, and the Assiniboine River 2 cuts across the northeast corner. Railway lines, some of which are clearly abandoned, can be seen in the north 3, centre 4, and southwest corner 5. Railway cars can be seen on the CN line at Leon 6.

This area situated near the apex of the Assiniboine Delta is an excellent source of gravel. Spurs from the CN line 7 run into two long (light-toned) gravel pits 8. Pits are also located in other areas; some—light-toned—appear to be active 9 whereas others are overgrown and therefore have a patchy dark tone 10, and others are filled with water 11.

In the extreme east is a chemical plant 12 close to the Assiniboine River and well removed from the built up area of the city, but still within city limits. It is served by road east from Brandon 13 and a railway line 14; trucks can be seen on the line south of the plant 15. Storage silos 16 and a conveyor system 17 can be seen. This is a much smaller plant than that shown on figures 15.3, 15.4, and 15.5; only about 12 cars and four trucks can be seen in the parking lots 18.

In addition to the industry there is some evidence of agriculture. Dugouts 19 suggest livestock grazing in this area with permeable soils developed on sand and gravel.


Figure 15.7

Gravel Pits and Chemical Plant in Eastern Brandon