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Manitoba from the Air
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Harvesting Patterns North of Neepawa

As on the previous photo variations in tone and pattern reflect different stages in processing the crop at harvest time. The area is located east of Riding Mountain with small streams 1 draining away from highland to the west. Several minor Lake Agassiz strandlines are identified on the basis of tone with minor ridge crests being light-toned 2.

Very dark-toned fields 3 have been cultivated, that is; turned over in preparation for next year’s crop. Several fields exhibit the narrow rows 4 typical of swathing, whereas others have wider lighter-toned rows typical of combining 5. In some cases combining is partly completed resulting in fields with some narrow and some wide rows 6, and in one case the combine can be seen 7.

Section lines 8, sometimes followed by gravel roads 9, can be seen as can quarter section lines 10 in some instances. Although settlement is sparse, there are more farmsteads 11—13 in about five square miles—than on figure 14.8. PTH 5 12 and a railway line 13 run north/south through the area. A spur line runs west from the rail line 14. A single grain elevator 15 (identified by its shadow) is located on a siding on the main line with three rail cars on it 16.


Figure 14.9

Harvesting Patterns North of Neepawa