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Manitoba from the Air
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High Level Air Photo of Southwest Manitoba Between Souris and Griswold

This is the first photograph taken from a plane in this chapter on agriculture; the first three images were all obtained from satellites. Nevertheless, this is a high-level photo with a resulting small scale. It shows the influence of minor landforms and consequently soil variations on land use.

For reference, the Trans-Canada Highway 1 crosses the northwest corner of the photo, as does the CP railway line 2 with the hamlet of Griswold 3 between the two. PTH 21 4 runs southward near Griswold. Souris 5, with PR 250 6 running north from it, is located in the southeast corner.

Plum Creek 7 meanders across the southern edge of the area with marshy land on either side of it. To the north are the Souris Sand Hills 8 that are mainly wooded (dark-toned). The sand of which they are composed was deposited into Glacial Lake Hind and then blown into dunes when the lake retreated. North again is a ground moraine area exhibiting the characteristic pockmarked appearance 9. Although it is not ideally suited for large-scale grain farming, most of the area has been cleared for agriculture. Light-toned fields 10 have grain crops in them that are close to harvesting or already have been harvested. Some of the dark-toned fields 11 have been left fallow. The linear dark-toned area in the northwest 12 is Alexander Marsh, an old high-level course of the Assiniboine River.

Two linear features can be seen in the south; both are more obvious when they cross woodland. Running northeast/southwest 13 is a power transmission line and trending west-northwest/east-southeast is the route of an oil pipeline 14. Towards the north is the CN railway line 15.

This agricultural area is very sparsely settled with the only two nucleated settlements being Souris and Griswold near the southeast and northwest corners.

Figure 14.4

High Level Air Photo of Southwest Manitoba Between Souris and Griswold