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Manitoba from the Air
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The Experimental Farm at Brandon

This colour infrared photograph shows an area of about one square mile (one section) extending from the eastward-flowing Assiniboine River 1 in the south, northward across the floor of the Assiniboine glacial spillway to the steep, partially wooded spillway bank in the north 2. The east/west Grand Valley Road 3 runs across the centre of the area, with two gravel roads leading off to the north (4 and 5). The easternmost of these leads to the federal Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Brandon Research Station—one of three in Manitoba, the others being in Morden and Winnipeg. Administration buildings and barns can be seen east of the road 6, and a road leads off to the west 7 to the former Indian Residential School 8 that for many years was left empty and finally demolished. The Experimental Farm makes use of fertile soils developed on the spillway floor. Several short roads lead north from Valley Road 9 to houses located just off the spillway floor 10 above the level reached by Assiniboine floods.

Numerous small experimental plots can be seen on both sides of Grand Valley Road 11 as well as larger fields occupied by uniformly healthy crops (fairly uniform bright red) 12. However, even under controlled conditions topographic 13 and drainage 14 variations produce differences in the crops. A large field in the southwest 15 has been left fallow but has been overgrown by weeds, producing pink colouration 16. The weeds have been removed in some parts by cultivation producing some intricate patterns 17 of dark green/black.

Water reflects little infrared radiation. Therefore the Assiniboine River, an abandoned river channel 18, and the swimming pool at Turtle Crossing 19 are almost black. The fact that the river is black indicates low suspended sediment content at this time, mid-summer. If the photo had been taken in the spring when the river had high sediment content, the river would have appeared milky blue. The pool is surrounded by grass 20 (pink) with a large light-toned parking lot to the east 21. Other elements of the park are campsites in the wooded area south of the pool 22 and three baseball diamonds to the east of it 23.

Figure 14.29

The Experimental Farm at Brandon