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Manitoba from the Air
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Old Harvesting Techniques Near Treesbank

The deep, wooded valley of the northward-flowing Souris River 1 can be seen in the west. The CP railway line 2 crosses the Souris in the southeast corner.

Most of the land east of the Souris has been cleared for agriculture except for some wooded, poorly defined drainage channels 3. The fact that some of the trees (probably aspen Populus tremuloides) are light-toned 4 indicates that the photo was taken in the fall—aspen turn to a delicate yellow in fall.

Fields are in different stages. In many cases lines along which stooks were placed can be seen 5 along with large straw piles 6. Loose straw has been blown from the piles in a generally southward direction 7. Another field that has been combined 8 has had some of the remaining stubble burned 9. In other fields there is no indication of a crop 10 and one—very dark-toned—11 has been cultivated in preparation for next year’s crop.

Although section lines can be seen 12, there are no gravel roads, and only two farmsteads 13 can be seen in the area of about six square miles.


Figure 14.19

Old Harvesting Techniques Near Treesbank