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Manitoba from the Air
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Reclaimed Agricultural Land Southwest of The Pas

The photograph shows part of the Pasquia settlement where dikes 1 have been built on part of the Saskatchewan Delta and the reclaimed land surveyed into lots for agricultural use, the furthest north in Manitoba that agriculture is practised.

In the north is the wide, light-toned, sediment-laden Saskatchewan River 2 flowing eastward towards Lake Winnipeg. The darker-toned Carrot River 3 that in turn is joined, at a controlled entrance 4, by the Birch River 5, joins it from the southwest. The Pasquia River 6 flows into the Saskatchewan a little further east, and an artificial drainage channel 7 from the southwest joins it.

Land between the Carrot River and the Pasquia River has been drained and reclaimed for agriculture. Although some square fields can be seen 8, the land division system is not the DLS system seen on many previous photos. Nor is it a true long lot system, although some land near the Carrot River 9 seems to follow this system.[i]

Fields in the reclaimed area have various covers. Some fields are fallow (very dark-toned) 10, others have crops that are still green (not quite so dark-toned) 11, and in others grain that has turned colour is being grown (light-toned) 12. Land north of the Carrot River is covered by marshland 13 with abandoned stream channels visible in several places 14.

PR 283 15 parallels the Carrot River and enters The Pas 16 from the west. North of the Saskatchewan River are First Nations Reserves 17. Most of the reclaimed land is devoid of settlement, but some farmsteads can be seen near the edges 18.


[i] For detail of survey patterns in this area see Warkentin, J. and Ruggles, R. I. Historical Atlas of Manitoba. Winnipeg: Manitoba Historical Society, 1970 figure 169, 350.

Figure 14.17

Reclaimed Agricultural Land Southwest of The Pas