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Manitoba from the Air
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Harvesting Patterns West of Souris

On this fall photo the Souris River 1 runs from west to east. As is usual in southwestern Manitoba, section 2 and quarter section lines 3 can be seen with quarter sections divided into smaller fields 4 for planting of different crops. Even in this flat area with good soil, minor relief features have an effect on farming practices; for example two small gullies 5 separate fields, and a low berm 6 is the boundary of another field. As on previous photos uniformly dark fields have been left fallow 7, and somewhat lighter-toned fields 8 have carried a crop that has been completely removed. In late September most of the fields have been combined resulting in wide rows of straw and light-toned fields 9. However, at least one field has narrow rows associated with swathing 10, and in two fields combining is partly completed 11, in fact a combine can be seen in one of them 12. Stubble burning has occurred in two fields 13 and cultivation in preparation for next year’s crop in two others 14, with in one case a very haphazard patterns 15.

There are eight farmsteads 16 in this area of about six square miles, several with well-developed shelterbelts to north and west 17. The CP railway line 18 runs across the northern part with a protection fence to the north of it 19, fortified by trees near a farm 20.


Figure 14.15

Harvesting Patterns West of Souris