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Manitoba from the Air
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Field Patterns Near Eden

The photo illustrates the influence of minor relief features on the distribution of agricultural land and agricultural practices. To the west is a minor strandline 1that has been left wooded. A small stream in the northwest 2 has been channeled into a ditch in the centre and east 3. The light tone of some of the trees 4—probably aspen (Populus tremuloides)—in a wooded area in the north suggests the photo was taken in the fall. The strandline influences the shape of nearby fields that tend to be long and narrow with a north-northwest/south-southeast trend 5. In fallow fields bald hillcrests 6 delineate other minor strandlines. Land in the western part of the photo appears flat, but there is enough eastward slope to result in soil erosion 7. Perhaps the general north/south orientation of fields is an attempt to control the erosion. In the eastern part of the photo, fields are more regular in shape, if anything, with an east/west alignment 8.

There is no equivalent on this photo to the potholes (sloughs) in figure 14.10, but circular dark-toned areas can be seen in several fields 9. These are bigger than the straw piles in figure 14.11 and are probably stone piles.

The same range of activities can be seen here as in figures 14.8, 14.9, and 14.10. Some fields are fallow (very dark-toned) 10; others have been swathed (light-toned with narrow rows 11); others have been combined (light-toned with wider rows 12); and some are partly swathed and partly combined 13). A field in the northeast has a crosshatched pattern 14 which I cannot explain.

Although most of the area is devoted to crop growth, there are only four farmsteads 15 in the area of about five square miles. One of them has a very well developed shelterbelt with trees on three sides with the fourth open to the road 16.


Figure 14.12

Field Patterns Near Eden