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Manitoba from the Air
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Harvesting Patterns on Ground Moraine North of Rapid City

This photo of part of the Minnedosa “pothole” country shows the influence of minor relief features on grain farming. Minor depressions (sloughs), often water-filled 1, inhibit crop growth and harvesting; in an area of less than a half section, bounded by a dashed line 2, there are 45 non-cropped areas (water, marsh, wetland). The distribution of depressions influences the harvesting procedure, resulting in complicated swath line patterns 3.

As on the previous two photos, some land is fallow (mottled tone with light crests 4); some has been swathed (thin rows 5); some has been combined with wide light-toned rows 6 covering almost all the ground surface in some cases 7; and some has been cultivated in preparation for next year’s crop (dark-toned areas 8). The existence of dugouts in fields 9 suggests that some livestock farming is practised in the area.

Section lines, in one case followed by a gravel road 10, can be picked out, but because of the complicated relief, quarter section lines are not so obvious except perhaps in one section 11. Seven farmsteads 12 can be counted in this area of approximately four square miles.


Figure 14.10

Harvesting Patterns on Ground Moraine North of Rapid City