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Manitoba from the Air
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Distribution of Agricultural Land in Southern Manitoba

On this fall image (September 18) the colouring has been manipulated so that areas of woodland/grassland that reflect large amounts of infrared radiation appear as red/orange 1. At this date harvesting was probably mainly completed leaving many fields without a vegetation cover and exposing the dark chernozemic soils, particularly in the east 2. In the west 3 and southwest 4 there is a greater incidence of beige/yellow fields that probably have a stubble covering.

Woodland/grassland regions delimit the principal agricultural areas:

A.    A large area between Portage la Prairie 5 and Winnipeg 6 extends south along the Red River Plain 7 into North Dakota. The Pembina Hills 8 to the southwest and the Interlake region 9 to the north bound this area. A projection extends northwards surrounding Oak Hammock Marsh that appears as orange 10. East of Portage 11 pink areas are common, possibly due to late maturing crops. Also, the courses of the Assiniboine River 12 and the Boyne River 13 can be identified as linear red areas.

B.    West and north of Portage la Prairie the agricultural area is less uniform, broken up by pockets of woodland/grassland. To the west agricultural fields are interspersed with woodland/grassland on the lower Assiniboine Delta 14. Backing this region is a prominent area of woodland marking the eastern edge of the upper Assiniboine Delta 15. Agricultural land extends north along the west shore of Lake Manitoba 16 with another spur 17 west of Big Grass Marsh 18.

C.    West and southwest of Neepawa 19 is an area bounded to the east by woodland on the Assiniboine delta 20. One spur of agricultural land extends south onto the delta 21 where late glacial deposits extend over the delta sands.

D.    South of the Assiniboine Delta and southwest of Pembina Mountain agricultural fields are mixed with woodland/grassland that is especially marked along the Souris Gorge 22 and the Pembina Valley 23.

Figure 14.1

Distribution of Agricultural Land in Southern Manitoba