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Snow Lake

The Snow Lake area is part of the “Flin Flon-Snow Lake greenstone belt up to 50 km wide; [that] extends from east of Snow Lake into Saskatchewan west of Flin Flon.”[i] The area “has been actively explored for gold and base-metal deposits since the early 1900s.”[ii] Gold was discovered near Snow Lake in 1913, the town site was cleared in 1945, and several mines operated in the area from then onwards,[iii] but by 1996 the mine in Snow Lake was closing down; as a result the population fell from 1,837 (1986), to 1,598 (1991), to 1310 (1996), to 1,207 (2001), and 837 (2006).

The town site is located in the Northern Coniferous Forest vegetation zone[iv] with coniferous forest covering much of the land so that cut lines for power lines are very obvious 1. The photo shows the town site in 1993 located on the north shore of Snow Lake 2 with the mining area located to the north 3.

The town is located at the northern end of PR 392 4, a spur that runs north from PTH 39 an east/west road that joins the Pas/Flin Flon and Thompson ; PR 395 runs south of the lake 5.

The town site is planned with bays and crescents in contrast to the grids of southern towns. It is divided into two by a wooded area 6. The northern area is clustered around a series of large buildings 7 probably the town’s commercial centre. Some of the residences appear to be single-family dwellings 8. A road north of the residential area 9 separates it from industrial—maybe mine-related—buildings 10. The southern residential area seems to have some single-family dwellings 11, apartment blocks 12, and mobile home courts 13 common in mining settlements. A communication tower 14 throws a shadow almost due north indicating that the photo was taken near noon, suntime.


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Figure 11.8

Snow Lake