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Manitoba from the Air
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The Centre of Flin Flon

This large-scale photo permits the identification of details not seen on figures 11.2 and 11.3. In the northeast is the town’s reservoir 1 part of which has been blocked off 2. The rest of the photo can be divided into three zones: 1) the mine area 3; 2) a commercial area to the southeast 4; and 3) a residential area to the east 5.

Like the elevators in Churchill the smoke stack 6 dominates the skyline. This is another early morning photo with the shadow of the smoke stack 7 falling to the west/northwest. It is spewing smoke which is being carried north 8. The purpose of the stack is to lift smoke high enough that it is blown away to miss the city, which it does—at least on windy days. However, the pollution eventually descends affecting the landscape further afield. The mining and smelting complex with numerous large buildings 9, several of which are joined by conveyor systems 10, surrounds the stack. A water line 11 runs from the reservoir to a building near the stack 12. Several sets of oil storage tanks, some horizontal 13 and others vertical 14, are located within the industrial zone that is interlaced by railway lines 15 and sidings 16 some with railcars on them 17. A large parking lot with about 150 cars located on it 18 and room for at least 100 more is located south of the mine works.

East of the parking lot is the commercial area. PTH 10 19 enters from the north and runs through the city centre. Several large flat-topped buildings are located in the blocks immediately east 20 and west 21. Numerous cars are parked beside some of them 22, 23, 24 suggesting they are shopping centres. A large building near the southern edge of the photo 25 may be an arena. A residential area—principally with small single-family dwellings 26—is seen in the east.

Figure 11.4

The Centre of Flin Flon