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Manitoba from the Air
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Lynn Lake in 1975

This lower level, larger scale photo shows Lynn Lake at its peak, just before mining ceased in 1976. A well-developed residential area is located in the centre. Two zones of residential development—one south 1 and the other north 2—are joined by an area with larger buildings 3, the administration, commercial, and recreational centre. A group of large buildings near the northern edge of the residential area 4 may be apartments. East of the residential area are large buildings associated with the mines 5, and a baseball diamond 6 can be seen between these and the residences. The area of mine tailings is much-enlarged 7 extending east almost to Adam Lake 8. This has recently been in the news as it creates a serious environmental and health hazard for air and water quality of Lynn Lake. Water seeping through tailings enters the water system and when areas of tailings are dry toxic dust is blown by the wind. Another mine head is seen further south with a headframe 9 suggesting sub-surface mining, but a large crater to the west 10 suggests open pit mining—at least to start with. Waste from the mine has filled the north end of Lynn Lake 11. Parts of the lake were also drained as part of the ore body was located direcly beneath the lake.

The railway line from the south 12 has several sidings in the north; railway cars can be seen on many of these 13, and to the northwest are many railway-related buildings and storage areas 14. By this date the runway has been paved and a centre line marked 15. Terminal buildings can be seen to the east 16. The floatplane terminal area on Eldon Lake 17 has expanded, and more roads can be seen than on figure 11.12. PR 396 exits to the southwest 18 leading to Fox Mine 45 km away. This mine was discovered by Sherritt Gordon in 1961 and was in production from 1970 to 1985, producing copper and zinc with gold and silver as by-products.[i] PR 394 to Kinoosao exits to the northwest past the airport 19, and in the northeast, PR 391 20 leads to Leaf Rapids 100 km to the southeast. The cut line (power line) visible on figure 11.12 is still visible 21 with another one further west 22. In the extreme south 23 is the collapsed roof of an underground mine showing up as a dark toned circle surrounded by a light toned area.


[i] Young, H. R. op. cit. 1996, 242.

Figure 11.13

Lynn Lake in 1975