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Manitoba from the Air
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Lynn Lake in 1955

This high-level photo shows the settlement after it had been in existence for several years. The higher vantage point allows a larger area to be covered. In addition to the lakes named in figure 11.11, Frances Lake 1 can be seen to the west and Eldon Lake 2 to the east. Dark-toned patches of coniferous trees can be seen on higher land 3 with lighter-toned marshy areas between.

By this date a residential area 4 is well established between Lynn Lake 5 and West Lynn Lake 6 as well as north of Lynn Lake. Many of the first buildings in town (houses, school, the church) were moved by tractors and large sleds (locally referred to as "cat trains") in the early 1950s over winter roads from Sherridon, 120 km south, where the orebodies were exhausted. In many cases the families moved to Lynn Lake, with their houses to resume employment with Sherritt Gordon Mines. The mining area 7 is located east of the residential areas; several large buildings are located here. Further east a deposit of mine tailings has already started to accumulate 8. Also by this time various transport and communication routes to “the outside” are visible: 1) a railway line from the south 9 passes between the main area of mining buildings and the waste pile, ending just north of the settlement 10. Sidings can be seen near the mining buildings 11 and near the northern terminus 12; 2) an airport 13, with a north/south runway 14, is located northwest of town; 3) a float plane terminal, with jetties, is located on the west shore of Eldon Lake 15; and 4) PR 394 leads out of town 16 past the airport and eventually to Kinoosao about 100 km away on the Saskatchewan border. Also visible is a light-toned cut line that is probably followed by a power line 17.

Figure 11.12

Lynn Lake in 1955