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Manitoba from the Air
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Cross Lake First Nation

The Cross Lake First Nation along with Norway House and the First Nations of Island Lake is one of the larger First Nations in terms of population (3,854 in 2006) in northern Manitoba. It is located at the south end of Cross Lake, part of the Nelson River system and was profoundly affected by water level variations associated with Lake Winnipeg regulation and the development of hydropower on the Nelson River.

The photograph shows part of the First Nation located on either side of a channel between Cross Island 1 and the mainland 2. On Cross Island uniformly sized residences are dispersed along the shore 3 with a jetty in the north 4. A winter road follows the shore crossing an inlet in the process 5. Similarly in the east, residences are dispersed along the shore 6. In the north are many jetties 7 with one large building 8 which may be associated with them. A small island 9 is connected to the mainland by a winter road 10. South of the island some of the land has been cleared 11—for agriculture? —with well defined stripes 12. Most of the rest of the buildings are located on a southern peninsula 13. Some are small residences, but one large building 14—possibly a tourist venue—is located near the tip of the peninsula. A hockey rink 15 is located nearby.

Tonal variations in the water suggest that the water level has risen, flooding areas previously above water 16. A north/south linear feature 17 is probably the route of a hydro line, but the function and origin of light-toned squiggly lines 18 is unknown.


Figure 10.5

Cross Lake First Nation