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Manitoba from the Air
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Air Photo Interpretation Criteria Applied to an Area Near Carberry


This photo of Carberry and surrounding area illustrates the application of the photo interpretation criteria—tone, texture, shape, and location—to the identification of surface features. Several fields have a uniform dark-grey tone 1 characteristic of grain crops at an early growth stage while they are still green. The uniformity of tone results in a smooth texture 2. Northwest of town, several fields show gradations from very light tone 3 to medium-grey tone 4. These fields are developed on an irregular sandy surface; the light-toned areas are higher and drier than the dark-toned areas. Also west of Carberry are dark-toned areas with a rough texture 5; these are areas of deciduous woodland. On the southwestern edge of town is the characteristic oval shape 6 of a racetrack. Finally north of town are two squared areas 7, one divided into quarters by tree belts 8. This is a typical arrangement for cemeteries, an identification supported by the location, a half-mile (0.8 km) out of town. A railway line 9 runs south of town with a branch leading off to the north 10. An elevator 11 identified by its distinctive shadow shape is located on this line. 

Figure 1.9

Air Photo Interpretation Criteria Applied to an Area Near Carberry