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Manitoba from the Air
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1968 Photo

The area shown in figure 1.3a is in the northwest corner of this smaller scale photo. Twenty-two years after 1.3a was taken, the meander loop has been cut across 1. Given the width of the meander neck, it would seem that the river was artificially straightened. A small causeway across the north end of the meander 2 hints at the reason for the straightening. Land within the loop is now cropped 3 while it was not on figure 1.3a. To gain access to the area it was possible for the farmer to build a causeway across the static water of the cutoff whereas this could not be done with a flowing river. Note also the contrast between the light tone of the sediment-laden Assiniboine River 4 and the dark tone of the sediment-free cutoff 5. The Little Saskatchewan River can be seen in the northeast 6 following much the same route as it did in figure 1.1b. 

Figure 1.3.b

1968 Photo