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Manitoba from the Air
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1946 Photo

The photo shows a stretch of the south flowing Assiniboine River 1 just above (0.75 miles: 1.2 km) its junction with Birdtail Creek. The river meanders freely across the floor of the Assiniboine Spillway, a flat-floored valley that used to carry water from glacial lakes in Saskatchewan to glacial Lake Agassiz in southern Manitoba. Several abandoned channel sections 2 can be seen, all of which were abandoned before the first map of the area was made in 1882. Note two narrow meander necks 3 and 4 in the southern half of the photo.

Note also: 1) the relatively light tone of the sediment-laden Assiniboine River 5, compared with the dark sediment-free water 6 in abandoned channels; and 2) the mottled texture 7 in the area of deciduous woodland west of the river where trees are changing colour at the beginning of fall resulting in various tones.

Figure 1.2.a

1946 Photo