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Chapter 8: Southern Hamlets, Villages, and Towns

8.68: Wasagaming (Large-Scale)

The larger scale of this photo permits the identification of some detail not obvious on figure 8.67. The photo was taken during the spring when ice on Clear Lake 1 was beginning to disintegrate. Open water can be seen on either side 2 of the breakwater 3, but the rest of the lake is still ice-covered. On the left is the extreme eastern edge of the Clear Lake Seasonal Campground 4 with the parking lot to the east 5. Within the commercial area (outlined 6) at least one group of tourist cabins 7 can be identified. Also some service items of the National Park are seen: the Museum/Interpretative Centre 8, the Administration Building 9, the tennis courts 10, and the Community Centre 11. The patterned arrangement of sites in the Wasagaming Campground 12 is obvious. To the northwest is the area of seasonal cottages with two main roads 13 parallel to the lakeshore and others at right angles 14. PTH 10 15 can just be seen in the southeast corner.

Figure 8.68: Wasagaming (Large-Scale)

Figure 8.68: Wasagaming (Large-Scale)

Figure 8.68

Vertical air photograph

Photograph: D. McArthur

Scale: 1:9,500 (approx.)

Date: 1996

Location: Township 19; Range 18 WI

Map sheets: 1:250,000 62J Neepawa

1:50,000 62J/12 Wasagaming

1:125,000 MCR 207 Riding Mountain National Park