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Chapter 8: Southern Hamlets, Villages, and Towns

8.6: Arden

This image of an area about 8 miles (13 km) east-northeast of Neepawa illustrates the influence of even very minor landforms on route ways and settlements in southern Manitoba. At least six Lake Agassiz strandlines 1 are visible, the highest and therefore oldest of which is the Arden Ridge 2. Sand/gravel pits have been excavated into it 3 as well as into two lower strandlines 4. The Whitemud River 5 flowing eastward from Riding Mountain is deflected southward 6 by the Arden Ridge, which it does not cross until a point south of this location. Likewise, Snake Creek 7 is deflected south to join the Whitemud River. The CP line (now abandoned) used to follow the ridge 8 before veering off to the west 9. The small settlement of Arden 10, whose symbol is the prairie crocus, which grows well on the sandy soils developed on the strandlines, is located in the centre of the image. It is located on the Arden Ridge mainly along two roads 11 that parallel the railway line.

Figure 8.6: Arden

Figure 8.6: Arden

Figure 8.6

Google image 2006, Google Digital Globe

Scale: 1:35,200 (approx.)

Date: pre 2006

Location: Township 7; Ranges 13 and 14WI

Map sheets: 1:250,000 62J Neepawa

1:50,000 62J/6 Arden