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Chapter 8: Southern Hamlets, Villages, and Towns

8.44: The Location of Neepawa

Two photographs (figures 8.44 and 8.45) are used to show the town of Neepawa: 8.44 is a small-scale, high-level photo that shows the general setting, and 8.45 is a larger scale photo that shows some detail of the town’s infrastructure.

The Town of Neepawa (population 3,298 in 2006) 1 is located near the northeastern edge of the Assiniboine Delta. The wooded areas 2 and wooded string-like valleys 3 in the east are along the delta edge and in the north are poorly defined Lake Agassiz strandlines 4. The Whitemud River 5 runs east of Neepawa. It has been dammed 6 to produce Lake Irwin 7, the town’s water supply source. Neepawa Creek 8 flows from the west through Park Lake 9 to join the Whitemud.

The area shown lies in townships 14 and 15 with the fourth correction line between them. The amount of the correction—about 3,500 feet (1066 m)—can be seen by tracing the range line between ranges 15 and 16 WI 10 north to the correction line where it jogs to the west 11.

The main transport routes all avoid downtown Neepawa. The CN line 12, which is best seen in the south, passes to the west of town, and the CP line 13 skirts the north. Neepawa is unusual in that the railway line nearest to it runs north/south and outside the main built-up area. Highway 16—the Yellowhead Route 14—runs through the southern edge of town; and PTH 5 15 enters from the south, follows Highway 16 west for a mile, then branches off to the north well to the west of town 16. Also seen are a western branch line of the CN 17 with a Hutterite Colony on it 18, the town’s airfield 19 with the characteristic triangular shape, and the sewage lagoons 20.

Figure 8.44: The Location of Neepawa

Figure 8.44: The Location of Neepawa

Figure 8.44

Vertical air photograph: A21748-61

Flight height: 23,600 feet a.s.l.; lens focal length: 3.37 inches

Scale: 1:82,300 (approx.)

Date: July 27, 1970

Location: Townships 14 and 15, Ranges 14, 15, and 16 WI

Map sheets: 1:250,000 62J Neepawa

                    1:50,000 62J/3 Neepawa

                                   62J/4 Moore Park

                                   62G/13 Brandon