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Chapter 8: Southern Hamlets, Villages, and Towns

8.25: Eden

The hamlet of Eden is located on flat, fertile agricultural land east of the Riding Mountain Escarpment. Eden Creek 1 flows from the escarpment through the settlement on its way to joining the Whitemud River (off the photo). The CP line 2 runs west of Eden with three grain elevators 3 on a siding. PTH 5 is west of the railway line 4, parallel to it in the south then veering away from it in the north. With the exception of one road parallel to the railway line 5, roads in Eden harmonize with the DLS system trending east/west and north/south. One of the north/south roads 6, the main street of Eden, is slightly wider than the others.

The large scale of the photo permits identification of some buildings: one larger building on the main street is probably a store 7, in the south is a school 8 with a playing field next to it 9, and near to it is a long narrow building 10, the curling rink.

Most of the land surrounding Eden has been cleared for agriculture. Field patterns 11 indicate that the photo was taken in late summer/early fall after grain crops had been cut. A field in the northwest 12 is dark with dark lines following a similar pattern to the field to the east 13. This is a result of stubble burning that was—and to some extent still is—practised in the fall to remove stubble from fields.

Figure 8.25: Eden

Figure 8.25: Eden

Figure 8.25

Vertical air photograph: A18658-129

Flight height: 11,200 feet a.s.l.; lens focal length: 152.13 mm

Scale: 1:16,200 (approx.)

Date: September 20, 1964

Location: Township 16; Range 15 WI

Map sheets: 1:250,000 62J Neepawa

                    1:50,000 62J/6 Arden