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Chapter 8: Southern Hamlets, Villages, and Towns

8.21: Carberry in 2000

This large-scale colour air photo of the eastern part of Carberry shows several aspects of the town better than the black and white photo in figure 8.20, as well as changes that have taken place since that photo was taken (1974):

1)  The treed nature of the residential areas, particularly in the west 1, is more obvious.

2)  Shelterbelts in the north are easily identified. However, the more northerly of the two 2 did not exist in 1974, and the other one 3 has probably grown a lot in the intervening years.

3)  The wide main street 4, with numerous large buildings 5—probably stores—along it is much clearer than on figure 8.20.

4)  An enclosed area in the east 6 contains four baseball diamonds 7.

Changes that can be detected are:

1)  A connecting spur 8 runs between the CN line and the CP line in the southeast.

2)  Another spur line 9 runs southeast from the CP line. Trucks can be seen on this spur 10.

3)  Elevators that existed on both the CP line 11 and the CN line 12 have gone.

4)  A second long, narrow building 13 has been constructed north of the one in existence in 1974.

5)  Another large building 14, possibly a school, has been built south of that mentioned above.

6)  Buildings 15 have been constructed east of PTH 5 16.

Figure 8.21: Carberry in 2000

Figure 8.21: Carberry in 2000

Figure 8.21

Vertical colour air photograph by Prairie Agri Photo

Flight height: ; lens focal length:

Scale: 1:7,600 (approx.)

Date: 2000

Location: Township 10; Range 14 WI

Map sheets: 1:250,000 62G Brandon

                    1:50,000 62G/4 Carberry