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Chapter 7: Survey Systems

7.21: Municipal Boundary at Ninette


In southwestern Manitoba boundaries between RMs are along range lines and township lines. In most cases this administrative convenience works well, but not at Ninette where the boundary between Riverside 1 and Strathcona 2 lies along the range line between ranges 16 and 17 WI which runs along the main street of Ninette 3, placing the western part of the village in Riverside and the east in Strathcona. This arrangement was clearly inconvenient for such a small community, so from 1999 onwards all of Ninette was placed in the RM of Riverside.

Ninette lies on the floor of the Souris-Pembina Spillway occupied here by Pelican Lake 4 and Grass Lake 5. Pelican Lake has played a large part in the settlement’s history. The steep sides of the spillway 6 made land travel along the lakeshore difficult, so early in the 20th Century boats carried passengers to beaches along the lake.[i] Trains on the CN line brought holiday-makers were from Brandon and Winnipeg 7. Cottages were developed, initially along the north shore 8 but later along the whole length of both sides of the lake including the development at Pelican Point 9. The cluster of buildings at the northeastern end of Pelican Lake 10 is the Manitoba Sanatorium to which patients were brought from all over Manitoba for treatment of tuberculosis.[ii] Later it became the Pelican Lake Training Centre for mentally handicapped people, but at last reports all but one of the buildings have been demolished.

PTH 18 11 runs through the centre of the community along the wide main street 3. Roads are aligned with the DLS system—east/west and north/south. The long building at the east side of the settlement is the local curling rink 12—a fixture in even the smallest Manitoba community.

Figure 7.21: Municipal Boundary at Ninette

Figure 7.21: Municipal Boundary at Ninette

Figure 7.21

Vertical air photograph: A19902-74

Flight height: 9,600 feet a.s.l.; lens focal length: 152.52 mm

Scale: 1:16,400 (approx.)

Date:  1967

Location: Township 5; Ranges 16 and 17 WI

Map sheets: 1:250,000 62G Brandon

1:50,000 62G/5 Dunrea


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[ii] For details see Steward, D. B. Holy Ground: The Story of the Manitoba Sanatorium at Ninette. Killarney: c1999.