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Chapter 7: Survey Systems

7.19: Township 27 West of Sifton

The photo shows the northern part of township 26, all of township 27, and the southern part of township 28 in ranges 20 and 21 WI. Township 26 was surveyed using the First System of the DLS, and for townships 27 and 28 the Third System was used. Township 27 is different from others in that it is only four sections deep. Also in the regular 36-section townships, the southeastern-most section is numbered 1, but in township 27 townships have only 24 sections, and the southeastern most is numbered 13 1, with the rest of the numbering continuing as normal. A small jog occurs in the range line between ranges 20 and 21 WI 2 where it crosses from township 26 to 27. This results from the imperfect contact between the two systems of the DLS.

The landscape in this area has a distinct north/south lineation resulting from Lake Agassiz strandlines. Areas of woodland 3 and marshy areas 4 follow this trend. Also PTH 10 5 in the west follows a strandline in the south. Several small gravel pits have been excavated into the strandline 6 as well as another one in a slightly lower strandline 7. Ground observation reveals that cemeteries are also located on strandlines because of ease of digging and dry conditions. Strandlines also influence the drainage; Drifting River flowing from the west 8 is deflected north before cutting through a strandline 9 to flow south about 2 miles 10 before continuing its eastward course 11.

The only numbered east/west road is PR 267 12 along the northern edge of township 27 leading to Sifton off the photo to the east.

Figure 7.19: Township 27 West of Sifton

Figure 7.19: Township 27 West of Sifton

Figure 7.19

Vertical air photograph: A24689-113

Flight height: 26,700 feet a.s.l.; lens focal length: 152.456 mm

Scale: 1:51,100 (approx.)

Date: July 3, 1977

Location: Townships 26, 27, and 28; Ranges 20 and 21 WI

Map sheets: 1:250,000 62N Duck Mountain

1:50,000 62N/8 Sifton