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Chapter 4: Climate

4.1: Winter Landscape South of Rivers

Most air photographs are taken during the summer half of the year, but this early winter photo illustrates the usefulness of photos taken when there is snow on the ground. The photo shows the Little Saskatchewan River in the north 1, very dark-toned because it is not yet frozen. The Rivers Dam 2 can be seen near the top of the photo, with frozen Lake Wahtopanah behind it 3. A spillway bypasses the dam on the south 4.

Agricultural land is snow-covered and appears very light-toned, with hummocks in the underlying land producing a bumpy appearance 5. In places harvesting patterns can be seen 6. In contrast, wooded land is dark-toned 7. The deciduous trees, without leaves at this time of year, throw long shadows easily picked out on the snow-covered fields 8. Route ways on the photo include PTH 25 in the north 9 with a dark-toned bare surface because of traffic use. In contrast a less used north/south secondary road 10 is snow-covered. The CN railway line 11 roughly parallels PTH 25. A gravel pit is located in the northeast 12.

Figure 4.1: Winter Landscape South of Rivers

Figure 4.1: Winter Landscape South of Rivers

Figure 4.1

Vertical air photograph: A20911-43

Flight height: 10,000 feet a.s.l.; lens focal length: 152.17 mm

Date: November 15, 1968

Scale: 1:19,500 (approx.)

Location: Township 12; Ranges 20 and 21 WI

Map sheets: 1:250,000 62K Riding Mountain

1:50,000 62K/1 Rivers