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Chapter 3: Geologic Structure and Landforms

3.73: Lake Strandlines South of The Pas

Lake strandlines are widely distributed throughout central and southern Manitoba. They run along the edges of higher land that used to be the lake shoreline, the best examples being along the Manitoba Escarpment which was the western shore of Lake Agassiz. In the area shown, the “highland” was The Pas moraine which runs south from The Pas, veers east to form the land between Lake Winnipegosis to the south and Cedar Lake to the north, and continues east to form Long Point in Lake Winnipeg. On this photo higher land is to the north, and a series of east/west trending strandlines is picked out by vegetation differences 1. Those to the north are higher and older than those to the south. PTH 10 2 from Swan River (off the photo to the south) to The Pas (off the photo to the north) cuts across the strandlines. Roughly parallel to the road is a cut line 3 probably followed by a power line. This area lies within the mixed woods (coniferous/deciduous) natural vegetation region.[i] Coniferous trees (probably white spruce—Picea glauca) can be identified on the basis of their triangular shadows along PTH 10 4 and the power cut-line 5.

Figure 3.73: Lake Strandlines South of The Pas

Figure 3.73: Lake Strandlines South of The Pas

Figure 3.73

Vertical air photograph: MB95001-207

Flight height: 6,800-7,800 feet a.s.l.; lens focal length: 152.815 mm

Scale: 1:12,000 (approx.)

Date: May 13, 1995

Location: Township 51; Range 26WI

Map sheets: 1:250,000 62F The Pas

1:50,000 63F/6 No title


[i] Scott, op. cit., 1996, figure 4.2, 45.